Aurora Squad Builder v1.0.2 released on the app store

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In-app updates!

The app will now automatically check for updated info from a remote server when launched, meaning new ships, pilots and upgrades from spoiler articles/new ships won’t have to wait for a full review to be added to the app.
Auto-updates can be disabled from the settings page (and updates can be triggered manually from the same place).

When adding a new pilot to a squadron, it now defaults to showing a list of ships, which upon selection display the pilots for that ship.
The old method (viewing a list of all pilots) is still available via an option in the settings.

Settings Page
The Allow Custom option was moved to a new settings page (accessible from the menu). Additional options were added to this page for auto updates and behavior when adding pilots to a squadron.

Changes under the hood for stability
Fix several known crashes
Display a list of pilots in the squadron on the main Squadrons list
Don’t lose actions on custom ships when editing them
Don’t lose upgrades on custom pilots when editing them
Don’t reorder ships or pilots in the custom lists when editing them
Editing upgrades should now work correctly


Aurora Squad Builder has been released on the iTunes App Store!

Aurora Squad Builder lets you quickly and easily create lists for the X-wing Miniatures Game directly on your iPhone or iPad. It includes all ships, pilots and upgrades from all released waves as well as previews of all currently spoiled cards from Wave 8. You can create lists for rebel, imperial or scum & villainy as well as mixed faction lists.

Additionally, you can add custom factions, ships, pilots and upgrades in the app so you can build lists for any custom ships you’ve come up with.



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Known issues:

  • Missing Tarn Mison X-wing Pilot
  • Missing Bombadier Upgrade
  • Syndicate Thug errantly listed as Unique

First game is up!

I’ve posted my first game for One Game A Month – dubbed MonoPong, it’s a Pong clone created using MonoGame on OS X and ported over to Windows in XNA with just a few minutes work.  The ball currently just reverses the horizontal direction when bouncing off of a paddle as opposed to varying the vertical direction based on where the paddle is struck.  Now that the game is playable, that change will be the next step.  Download links available here

Version 1.0.1 Released

iOS 6 and iPhone 5 compatability.

Added a Weak King option when creating a new game. When Weak King is turned on, the King can be captured the same way as any other piece instead of having to be surrounded on all four sides.
Updated the Rules view to show some screenshots to make things more clear and understandable.